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IT Solutions To Help You Thrive

Managed IT and Consulting

When you engage with TSD you get more than a help desk on a contract. You get a specialized team of network and cloud engineers who handle all aspects of your company’s unique IT needs.  Our managed platform gives you a secure and lightning-fast computing environment that empowers your applications and secures critical client data. You also have the added benefit of an on-call vCIO, remote and on site support and most importantly our proactive monitoring which identifies and fixes small problems before they compound into major catastrophes. In short, the largest benefits of managed IT and consulting include:

Your Dedicated CIO

Each client works with a dedicated vCIO who consults with your management team and staff on business opportunities, IT projects, and risk mitigation.

Proactive Network Maintenance

We buck the “break > fix” trend and proactively maintain your servers and computers with intuitive self-healing software and human oversight.

Flexible Pricing

Enjoy predictable IT costs and top-notch support on a flat-rate OpEx arrangement. You receive a full-scale IT team for a fraction of the cost of hiring your own IT staff.

BCDR: Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

One of the most painful hidden dangers is system downtime caused by crashed servers, computer viruses, hardware failure, or human disasters. Network downtime costs you more than just the cost of a server but also includes lost revenue, non-billable staff hours, compliance penalties, and loss of reputation from unhappy customers. This could result in thousands to millions of dollars in financial losses, or even worse, business closure. Our continuity solutions include planning, hardware, software, and cloud solutions that provide instant local and offsite network failover to ensure your systems are running regardless of the downtime event.Your board, your shareholders, and your clients, will be thankful you invested in Business Continuity solutions to protect your assets.

Our business continuity solutions include:


Assess & Plan

Evaluate your current DR process, identify risk points, and assess how much time you can be without your computers (RTO), and how much data you can stand to lose (RPO).

Install & Optimize

We select, procure, install, and maintain a comprehensive backup & continuity solution (hardware, software + cloud), to mitigate these risks. This includes staff training.

Monitor & Maintain

Daily monitoring, weekly reporting, and quarterly testing to ensure your systems are live locally, remotely, and ready to take your redundant site live when needed.

Information Security & Compliance 

Risk. Security. Compliance. Governance. All major topics of conversation among board members and shareholders amidst the information and intelligence communities. Truth is that your organization, whether a law firm, a credit union, or a global financial institution, requires you to adhere to security best practices not only to “check the box” for regulators, but to truly do everything possible to protect your client and shareholder assets. As you control data, internal and client, you owe a fiduciary duty to your constituents to protect their financial, personal, and health information to its greatest extent to ensure it survives and never ends up in the wrong hands.

Our security and compliance solutions include:

Penetration Testing

Full-scale network and web application penetration testing services that go far beyond simple automated scans of your infrastructure.

Compliance Consulting

Draft and implement sensible security policies that let you operate securely and maintain regulatory compliance without sacrificing operational efficiency.

Risk Management

Protect your sensitive assets by reducing exposure to business and information risks.