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Need Help Migrating Your Business Email & Apps To Office 365?

Let TSD migrate your Exchange, SharePoint And files to Office 365 quickly and painlessly.

Have you been exploring the benefits of Office 365 or Microsoft Azure for your Connecticut or NY business? Great! You are joining the thousands of businesses migrating their data operations to the the secure Microsoft cloud for more efficiencies and savings.

TSD’s professional cloud staff studies your IT environment to evaluate which parts of your network can be securely moved to the cloud. This often means you can retire your onsite Microsoft Exchange Server and moving your email functions to Microsoft’s servers.

We at TSD use the cloud for our critical network functions, and we are big proponents of leveraging cloud computing to gain efficiencies and accelerate our client’s revenues.  During our IT business reviews with you, we will keep an eye on what new technologies are available that you can take advantage of.

Advantages of moving to the cloud:

  • Save money every year – Now, you probably have onsite servers which require lots of maintenance and monitoring. In the cloud don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars every few years in server hardware, software and services to upgrade an independent system.
  • Lower your IT operating costs – Since we rent space on Microsoft’s servers, you no longer require expensive servers or onsite engineers to maintain your systems. This lowers your power, maintenance and depreciation costs.
  • Ability to access your data anywhere and any device – Cloud solutions by nature work the same from your home PC, in a hotel while traveling, or on vacation as they do from the office without the need to maintain remote access and VPN systems at your office.
  • Automated disaster recovery and backups – Your data is stored and accessed from secure offsite servers in Microsoft’s Data Centers. In the event of a disaster at your office, your Cloud applications and networks are immediately available to you the same as they were before the disaster.
  • Its faster, cheaper and easier to setup new employees – Cloud systems allow us to create new employees and archive old employee accounts in minutes.
  • You use it without having to “own” it – Cloud computing allows you to purchase only the space and accounts you need and pay on a monthly basis (No more CapEx).

At TSD, we are very experienced in knowing which cloud solution make sense in what situations. Call us to schedule a free assessment so we can learn about your needs and discover how Office 365 can help your business thrive.