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As a Connecticut IT support provider who knows hundreds of other providers from my IT career travels I have seen my fair share of support models and service levels. If you plan to outsource any portion of your business IT support then this article is for you.

Perhaps you hired a “one man shop,” who charges you hourly to fix things once they’ve broken. Perhaps you pay a firm a flat monthly rate to manage your IT functions for you. 

Regardless of your situation there are three things that your IT provider absolutely must address for you to help you maximize your IT investment.

As a CPA turned into IT support business owner having worked in Mergers & Acquisitions I learned that the most successful business owners run their operations to balance three things: People, Money & Risk. Your IT provider should do the same for you.


Does your IT support firm help your staff do better work? Your people are your greatest assets in business, and each of your technology decisions will impact each of your people in one way or another. 

Most business owners we work with implement technology to achieve some new level of performance. Examples include: Work faster, waste less time, streamline monthly costs, stay compliant, support mobile workers, etc.

And with these technology decisions your staff will eventually alter their way of doing their jobs. It’s your IT partner’s job to consider your people and business goals first, then design and implement technology solutions to fit those people and goals.


While the top IT solutions offer more value than they actually charge for, your IT investment does have financial considerations. And just like any business decision, your IT should provide you some measurable return. I’ve created a few examples below:

  • Your CRM system captures 55% more online leads (+55%)
  • Your $125/mo. cloud email system retired a server that cost $3,000/yr. to maintain (-50%)
  • Your outsourced IT support ($35k/yr.) costs versus hiring a full-time network engineer ($53k/yr) (-33%)

Your IT support firm should also help you budget for your ongoing IT investment and offer you alternative financing options for large purchases. This type of business relationship, though rare in IT, ensures that your IT provider is acting as an extension of your team and in your best financial interest.


A “one size fits all” model rarely works well in IT. Business is not a simple black and white equation of 1’s and 0’s as many IT support firms treat it.

The top IT support firms position their services as a means to increase profits and reduce risk for their clients. They’re not afraid to have candid conversations to help their clients avoid pitfalls and risky practices. For example, there are risks associated with migrating applications to an offsite cloud server, and risk for those clients who forego investing in a proper backup & security solution.

Does your IT support provider help you assess risk each quarter and give you the “what if” scenarios when presenting a new solution to you? Do they have the courage to tell you what you need to hear versus what you want to hear?


Your business investments should address people, money, or risk in a way that helps you increase your upside potential and reduce your downside risk. This includes your technology. This slightly different approach to your business can make you much more successful and help you enjoy your day a little bit more.

If you have questions about your IT environment please call me for a brief discussion and free consultation. You can reach me at 203-913-1073 or schedule a call here.