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Data Backup & Business Continuity

Data Backup, Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity Solutions To Keep Your Connecticut Business Running

As a Connecticut business owner, one of the most painful hidden dangers is system downtime caused by crashed servers, computer viruses, hardware failure, or true disasters. Downtime can cost you more than just the cost of a server, including lost revenue, non-billable staff hours, compliance penalties, and loss of reputation from unhappy customers. This could results in thousands to millions of dollars in financial losses.

Our solutions help you protect Windows, Linux, and Mac, along with Google Apps, Office 365 and

Dramatically reduce downtime

Our instant virtualization dramatically reduces downtime. If a server fails for any reason, a virtual version of that server is instantly, automatically created right on the device, and your business applications shift to running on the virtual server in as little as six seconds. If the problem is more widespread, your entire network can be up and running in the Cloud in a matter of minutes. It’s almost like it never happened.

Back up only what changes

Take one full backup when you first install your BCDR solution, and after that, only backs up the data that has changed. These incremental backups are then automatically applied to the last backup, so at any time a full, current backup is ready for fast recovery. This also means there’s no need for you to keep storing the oldest backups. Save time and save storage space with SIRIS.

Understand your data

If you’d like to see what specific files have been modified, created or deleted between backup points, it’s easy easy. Quickly find when specific files were lost or emails were deleted with file comparison technology.

Rest assured your data is recovery ready

Just because a backup operation has completed doesn’t necessarily mean your applications are recoverable. Network errors or data corruption can happen in any system, but BCDR makes sure your backups are good and your applications are ready to recover, every time. Get visual proof that your systems are protected, with Screenshot Backup Verification.

Protect your entire organization

Whether you run the Windows or Linux operating system, or some of both, our BCDR has you covered. Enjoy powerful business continuity capabilities and benefits, regardless of your computing platform.

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