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Contractors – 3 Ways To Save On Computer Costs

If you own a contracting company you know the many moving parts that your company must consider to remain profitable.

And when you are on the road all day visiting job sites, submitting bids, and dealing with suppliers, the last thing you want to deal with is a computer problem to slow you down.

When your computers don’t work, you lose time and money. Big money.

If you’ve been in business for more than a year you’ve probably had one of these problems.

Your Quickbooks server won’t boot up. Your time tracking system fails and your workers have to submit their hours on paper. Your billing and the quoting system is all jammed up and you can’t place orders or get paid.

These problems cost you time and money. And the bigger the jobs you do, the bigger the cost of the computer and IT problems.

To help you work through your computer problems without breaking the bank this year, here are three ways to give your contracting office.

#1 Put Your Email Into Office 365

Shut down your Exchange server and migrate your email to Microsoft Office 365. You can also store spreadsheets, word processing documents, and slideshows in the Office apps.

Your onsite Exchange email server is outdated and expensive to maintain.

Business Office 365 accounts start at $12.50 per month with most of your critical apps installed, lots of storage, and anytime access from mobile phone, computer, even halfway around the world.

Compared to maintaining your server (which will cost thousands per year), O365 email is updated regularly and much more efficient. Your staff will love it.

#2 Install File Sync & Share Software

Think of the last time you were on the road and you had to call the office to have your assistant email you a big PDF file of a job plan or proposal.

How did that go?

Odds are at some point a spotty internet connection, shaky email server, or strange security limitation indicate you couldn’t download the file on your iPhone when you needed it the most.

And depending on the situation, that could lose you a timely bid deadline or force you to drive back to the office to download it manually.

File sync & share software would have allowed you to pull up an app on your phone and pull up a compressed file, or send a link, to a client or another computer to view it.

MUCH easier, secure, and professional.

#3 Back Up Your Data To The Cloud

I have seen a lot of computer networks and some of them are downright…scary.

Nothing gets an IT guy more agitated than seeing a 7-year-old server running a critical software application that isn’t properly backed up.

Not just because we have a strange admiration for computers, but because if that server crashes (and it will someday), we know that nobody in your office can get any work done and they will have to resort to calling the IT support firm frantically demanding to know why the server isn’t running.

And that IT firm will sheepishly remind you of the quote he sent 6 months ago to replace the server and back it up properly to prevent data loss and data recovery scenarios.

A simple and affordable data backup and business continuity appliance from Datto will ensure that your server is protected, your software and files are safe and accessible, and you can continue to make money!


We understand that fixing your office technology isn’t the first thing on your mind at 5 am when you wake up, but if you try to access your email and it’s down – It will quickly become your priority.

We help dozens of the top Connecticut contractors protect their data, make things run smoothly, and fix all the little things that go wrong with your office networks before they cause major costly issues.

Call Chad Pavel or Chuck Pavel for a free consultation to determine which of our solutions are a fit to save you money and make you more productive and efficient this year.