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Chad Pavel, Partner @ TSD

If You’re Like Most Business Owners You Have A Love / Hate Relationship With Your Business Computer Network And Face These Three Problems

Old Computers

Your servers, desktops, and networking equipment are old, tired, and running outdated software. They constantly crash and break and your staff are frustrated and you don’t know what else to do.

Weak Support

Your business needs have outgrown the capabilities of your computer consultant or in-house I.T. staff. But since they have been with you for years, you fear making a decision to hire additional help or even replace them.

"Tomorrow" Syndrome

Since you haven’t had a complete disaster you accept mediocre results and let your staff live with the problems each day. Why fix it if it “ain’t broke…yet” right? So you push off your investment another year.

The Truth Is You Use Your Computers 24 Hours Per Day And Without Them You Are In Serious Financial Pain

But also like too many business owners…you still have outdated systems, constant server crashes and viruses and you wonder why the heck your cheap “computer guy” you found in the phonebook can’t fix the problems for even one month….sound about right?

And Some Examples Of Some Familiar Computer Problems You Have Undoubtedly Faced In The Last 12 Months

  • Blue Screen of Death
  • Ransomware (Cryptolocker)
  • Server And Workstation Crashes
  • Running Out Of Disk Space
  • Accidental Data Deletion
  • Unexplained Data Loss
  • Concerns About Hackers
  • Too Much Paperwork In The Office
  • Lack Of Response Time From Your IT Firm
  • Waiting Around For Computer Repairs
  • Unpredictable I.T. Invoices
  • Frustrated Staff & Clients
  • Employee Data Theft
  • Numerous Face Palm Moments

Here’s How Much Money Just One Server Crash Costs The Average Small Business

Network Downtime (Hrs)


Upset Staff & Customers

Dollars Lost

 The above calculation assumes a $1 million revenue business with 5 staff and a $5,000 repair bill. Scary, right?

Don’t Believe Us? Calculate Your Cost Here (Link) 

And What Eventually Happens When You Neglect Your Computer Network


You Waste Time

Computer problems lead to HOURS of lost time for every employee in your office.

You Lose Money

Wasting money to fix old computers and the cost of network downtime add up to thousands each year in losses.

You Face Higher Risk

Computer problems and poor support open your business to big financial and reputation risk if you lose data or cannot sell product.

So, Here’s What To Do…

I promised you a few simple steps to evaluate your current technology situation, didn’t I?


Make A Decision

Decide today that you will give your staff and clients the best possible experience possible from this point forward.

Understand Your Options

Educate yourself on the different options you have. Whether you want to help your in-house I.T. staff or outsource your I.T. to a qualified provider, read up on the trends, prices, and options you have for your business technology. Here are a few resources to help you (Link)

Take Action

Once you decide what you want to do, take action to contact a qualified I.T. provider to understands your business, how to reduce your risk and cost, and give you the reliable support you need to keep your business profitable.

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Second, Know What To Look For In A Reliable I.T. Provider


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